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	<p>Put your thumb on the lower left corner of the screen to move around, in the lower right corner is a zone for looking around. The upper area of the screen is separated into 4 zones used for dropping items, jumping, activating items and destroying blocks. You might wonder how you might select an item, you can't right now ;) Improved touchscreen controls will have to wait until a later time, the current controls were mostly done as a proof of concept.</p>
	<p><center>Benjamin Vincent Schulenburg - Steinmetzstr. 24 - 45139 Essen - GERMANY</center></p>
	<p><center>Benjamin Vincent Schulenburg - W&ouml;hlerstr. 1A - 01139 Dresden - GERMANY</center></p>
	<p><center>Discord gets checked most often, but you can also send me an <a href="mailto:ben@wolkenwelten.net">E-Mail</a>, although it might take a while for me to get to it.</center></p>