Noqte: A fun, minimalistic Persian pixel font - WIP
Move Shin triple dots one unit to the left.
Add woff make rules.
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A fun, minimalistic Persian pixel font.


I made this font in a week from scratch in order to use it in my game. The em-height is 1024 points. Each glyph is made of 100x100 points squares. There are some exceptions, sadly, mainly for designing diacritics. Those might be removed in a final version, however. For those at moment another square size is used which is 75% of the base square, i.e. 75x75 points.

I have made a few design choices and tried to remain consistent as much as possible:

  • There is no left bearing anywhere
  • All initial glyphs have one block right bearing (100 points empty space to the right)
  • Important: medial forms have no bearing to the right. I assumed that other initial or medial glyph should consider this and add blocks to the left if necessary
  • The bottom left block on each initial glyph is empty (exceptions FEH & QAF)
  • The bottom left block on each medial glyph is full

There might be some minor divergences, which is either a bug and should be fixed or is due to diacritics.


The font covers main charachters for Persian from the following Unicode blocks:

  • Arabic (0600–06FF)
  • Arabic Presentation Forms-A (FB50–FDFF)
  • Arabic Presentation Forms-B (FE70–FEFF)
  • Basic Latin (ASCII)
  • Latin-1 Supplement (partial)

Moreover, Basic Latin i.e. ASCII and some suplementary letters and signs are included. I included as much as necessary to make the font usable for German and Spanish.


Here is a subset of glyphs.


Install FontForge then build either using FontForge or the Makefile:

$ make

A font file should be generated in the same folder called noqte.ttf.


Please report them on the repository or email me. The following problems are known to me:

  • There is no kerning
  • There are no anchors
  • Diacritics are not well-positioned


There is a development script and an SDL test file included. To watch the changes and rebuild do:

$ make watch

or directly

$ make ttftest

and then run ttftest executable. SDL and HarfBuzz should be available on your system.


Credit when credit is due. I benefited from the work of others mentioned below.


Copyright 2022 Mehdi Sadeghi

Licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1, with Reserved Font Name Noqte.