Add day of week and week no to i3status.
Enable bash recursive search.
Add Vancouver time. Set volume accur. to 2%.
Add kanshi config.
Enable shared bash history.
Add electron-flags for Wayland.
Add Syncthing's user unit.
Trap and kill leftover process.

With the current i3status wrapper script, after exiting sway two
process where left dangling out there. The i3status process and
parts of the wrapper pipeline. Using set -eo pipefail and using
shell substition and trapping fixed the problem. Note that this
is a bash-only solution.
Reorganize bash startup files and minor fixes.

- Move PATH exports to .env
- Move aliases to .env
- Avoid loading .env twice
- Load .bashrc only on login shell and bash only
Switch to foot. Use no deadkeys layout.
Quote pwd in prompt.
Remove leftover minus.
Add bakc emacs style history search.
Delete inputrc.
Move bash history to bashrc and add time.
Fix the git prompt.
Set TERM to xterm.
Fix jdate format.
Add jdate to i3status. Use dmenu.