Export GOPATH and some cleanup

Moreover, make sure KDE is not running in xinitrc before exec
Apply a fix to Gtk+ apps 20s dbus startup delay

XDG_DESKTOP_PORTAL should be exported for xdg-desktop-portal-wlr
to be chosen correctly by xdg-desktop-portal. This env variable
is somewhat non-standard therefore sway does not export it itself.
Update i3status formatting and xinitrc
Add profile warning, git autoSetup, GDK & new envs

- Warn on existing .bash_profile (it prevents loading .profile)
- Add autoSetupRemote to create git remote branches on push
- Add GTK setting to use Wayland
- Add volta env vars since I use it alot
Apply xdg-desktop-portal-wlr config + minor fixes

- Change git credential helper to store credentials
- Add username to i3status
- Add a python keyring workaround
Make i3status battery view more generic (thinkpad)
Separate sh history. Add hist count to prompt.

sh history is written to ~/.sh_history now. The reason is that
I am chasing the cause of a history truncation issue.
Change prompt to two lines and add nix.
Adjust KB layout. Add xdg desktop portal config.

- Swap right meta and control.
- Add xdg-portal-desktop-wlroot
- Set term to foot (foot-extra was a mistake)
- Remove Plan9 from generic path
Replace hostname with proc
Add mutt/rock stuff.
Add shebang to xinitrc
Load .bashrc only for bash.
Set term to foot. Fix loading env from su.
Add day of week and week no to i3status.
Enable bash recursive search.
Add Vancouver time. Set volume accur. to 2%.
Add kanshi config.
Enable shared bash history.