v0.13.0 a month ago

MediaGoblin 0.13.0

This minor release adds support for Python 3.10 and 3.11 and drops support for
Python versions prior to 3.7. It also upgrades a number of Python dependencies
and adds a few small bug fixes and improvements.

This version has been tested on Debian Bullseye (11), Debian Bookworm (12),
Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 22.04 and Fedora 39.


For detailed instructions on installing or upgrading, see our "Upgrading" and
"Deploying" documentation in docs/source/..

If you have any problems, please drop in to the #mediagoblin IRC chat
<https://web.libera.chat/#mediagoblin>, report an issue on our issue
tracker <https://todo.sr.ht/~mediagoblin/mediagoblin> or drop us an email to
mediagoblin-devel@gnu.org <mailto:mediagoblin-devel@gnu.org>.

Breaking changes:

- MediaGoblin now supports a minimum of Python 3.7 due to use of f-strings
  internally and updated versions of required Python packages (Ben Sturmfels)


- Extend left/right arrow key navigation to paginated views [trac#5627] (Olivier Mehani)
- Set videos to preload="metadata" to prevent upfront download [trac#5625] (Michael McMahon)
- Switch from random time password comparison to constant time (Andrew Dudash)
- Upgrade Celery library to enable support for Python 3.10/3.11 (Ben Sturmfels)
- Add CI builds for Ubuntu 22.04 (Python 3.10), Debian 12 Bookworm (Python 3.11)
  and Fedora 39 (Python 3.12) (Ben Sturmfels)
- Upgrade to support latest Jinja2 library (Ben Sturmfels)
- Upgrade to support latest PyLD library (Ben Sturmfels)
- Fix various ResourceWarnings and DeprecationWarnings (Ben Sturmfels)
- Switch default image resize filter to BICUBIC (Ben Sturmfels)
- Add "extras_require" entries for docs, audio, video, raw image, LDAP, and
  OpenID dependencies (Olivier Mehani)