v0.12.1 1 year, 3 months ago

MediaGoblin 0.12.1

This patch release fixes a number of Python dependency issues, allows us to
support newer autoconf versions, fixes a few small bugs and improves the

This release has been tested on Debian Bullseye (11) and Ubuntu 20.04. Due to a
dependency issue, we unfortunately don't yet support Python 3.10, which
means that Debian Bookworm and Ubuntu 22.04 and Fedora 36 are not yet
supported. This will be addressed in the upcoming version 0.13.0. This will be
the last release to support Python 3.5.


For detailed instructions on installing or upgrading, see "upgrading" and
"deploying" documentation.

If you have any problems, please drop in to the #mediagoblin IRC chat
<https://web.libera.chat/#mediagoblin>, report an issue on our issue tracker
<https://todo.sr.ht/~mediagoblin/mediagoblin> or drop us an email to
mediagoblin-devel@gnu.org <mailto:mediagoblin-devel@gnu.org>.


 - Convert README to Markdown for better display on SourceHut, add goblin, fix links (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Add a troubleshooting page to the docs. (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Fix incorrect setuptools install location for db/migrations/env.py (Elisei Roca)
 - Add a "Troubleshooting" page to the documentation (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Add Ubuntu 20.04 CI build (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Add cc0 license to guix package (jgart)
 - Add instructions to set permissions on installation directories (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Switch from `py-bcrypt` to `bcrypt` (Elisei Roca)
 - Explicitly specify we don't support Python 3.10 yet (Olivier Mehani)

Bug fixes:

 - Fix references to non-existent package.json [trac#5615] (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Remove unneeded shebang from test_processing.py (Elisei Roca)
 - Fix incorrect setuptools install location for db/migrations/env.py (Elisei Roca)
 - Pin version of `jinja2` dependency to avoid AttributeError and Ubuntu installation issues (Dan Helfman, Olivier Mehani)
 - Add support for autoconf > 2.69 [srht#12] (Peter Horvath)
 - Switch to `pytest --forked` for parallel test runs as `pytest-xdist` 3.0.2 dropped `--boxed` (Ben Sturmfels)
 - Fix encoding of passwords before hashing (Olivier Mehani)
 - Fix remaining bcrypt issue (Olivier Mehani, Elisei Roca)
 - Document need for Nginx `proxy_set_header Host` config [trac#5612] (Ben Sturmfels)