[README] Update certificate generation snippet
[README] Update certificate generation snippet
[POST] Forget to remove the draft thing :p
[POST] Update post to use image title as caption
[THEME] Update theme

Use title attribute to render image caption.
[POST] This isn't even my final form!
Add script to generate random strings

This will be used to naming images :)
[THEME] Update theme

Now correctly displaying the rss link \o/
[HUGO] Display rss link
[THEME] Delegate archetypes to the theme
qtrnn.io is finally live!
Add the dot only file to specify the exact list of files that can be transfered

This is related to the `rsync` command, where a script can use this file and
transfer only the specified files to another place:
    $ rsync --files-from .only (..)
Add git hook script to build static pages on 'git pull --rebase'

Also, a simple script to install this hook :p
Ignore public directory

This is where static content will live.
Add site code and content licensing

Site code: MIT
Site content: CC-BY-SA-4.0
[THEME] Add qtrnn theme

[HUGO] Improve new post archetype
[HUGO] Basic configuration
[POST] Hello, World!
[HUGO] Initialize site with Hugo! \o/

$ hugo new site qtrnn.io