[nvim] Disable gitcommit highlight
[senpai] Add senpai configuration file (and highlight script)
Merge branch 'nvim-adjustments' into MAIN
[nvim] Use indent-blankline v3
[nvim] Improve lualine
[nvim] Add script to install/update neovim lsp dependencies
[nvim] Replace hop.nvim by smoka7 version [1]

[1] https://github.com/smoka7/hop.nvim
[nvim] Ensure markdown_inline is installed

The markdown parser is installed on-demand, but its inline companion
should be installed manually. This checks if it was already installed on
opening a markdown file, and install markdown_inline if not.
[nvim] Adjust treesitter installation

- ensure comment parser is always installed
- disable highlight for make, yaml and toml
[nvim] Do not select first suggestion while completing
[nvim] Enable experimental lua module loader [1]

[1] https://neovim.io/doc/user/lua.html#vim.loader
[nvim] Add fidget.nvim plugin

This plugins provides lsp progress notfication.
[nvim] Add rust lsp
[nvim] Add go lsp
[nvim] Update `stylua` and `luacheck`
[nvim] Update c/c++ lsp dependencies
[nvim] Move lsp configs to nvim-lspconfig.lua
[nvim] Adjust yank/comment keybindings
[chore] Dotbot configuration file cleanup and improvements

- adjust path of various programs that were not using ~/.config/ as
  configuration dir ($XDG_CONFIG_HOME)
- install podman
- install spotifyd
- install librewolf
- install zce.zsh
- install neofetch
- install btop
- install picom
- remove mutt
- remove ranger
- remove bashrc
- remove git-prompt
- remove fasd
- remove s
- remove Bear
- remove fzf
- remove weechat
[shell] Remove bashrc