$HOME configuration files
Merge branch 'base16'
[shell|tig] base16: Use (some) base16 colors in tig
[X|rofi] base16: Add color_template.rasi and remove colors.rasi


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


yup, finally

Using dotbot to manage, err... my dotfiles ;)

Just clone and run ./.install (configuration on .install.conf.yaml)


I've eliminated the concept of HOME/WORK branches, now will create branches per machine.

'Why?' you can ask. Well, it's nice to do substantial adjustments on my master branch (common things, you know), and keep branches updated with that (like key bindings and common environment variables settings).


There are some scripts bundled on my dotfiles (more like "helpers"), related to specific things (e.g. managing audio volume on i3).
For other scripts, see my dotbins repo ;)

#Note for Slackware users

As my main operating system is Slackware, I let some packages I've built for my own use on my server. They are built against slackware-current x86_64, and you can grab them on the following links: