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#date: "2021-01-01" license: by-sa title: The Freshmaker Show

"Hello And Welcome!" - Daryl Grove (1979-2020)

The Freshmaker Show is my twice-weekly streaming radio show. I play a variety of stuff suiting my varied and generally somewhat obscure tastes, including rock, jazz, and soul, much like I played on college radio in the 90s, when I was known as DJ Mentos the Freshmaker (hence the name of this show.) I also hang out on chat during the show, so we can talk about the music or whatever else. It's something I look forward to every week, and I hope you will, too.


  • tilderadio at 0000 UTC on Tuesdays. Chat on tilde.chat in the #tilderadio channel. The Tuesday show is mostly indie rock, classic alternative, and occasional punk.

  • aNONradio at 0000 UTC on Fridays. Chat on SDF's com chat in the anonradio room, or on irc.sdf.org in the #anonradio channel. (Access to com requires a free SDF membership, available at https://sdf.org/) The Friday show is mostly jazz and jazz-adjacent music.

#Audio Archives

Archives are available for both the tilderadio show and the aNONradio show. (The tilderadio archiver was broken, but should now be fixed.)

#Playlist Archives

Episodes with no suffix are the tilderadio show. Episodes with an "a" suffix are the aNONradio show. The aNONradio show started after episode 15 of the tilderadio show; therefore, there are no Episodes 1a-15a.