c5d8cf01c6d13fbdeaf4afd980f7f7a9591f1ca2 — jungle-boogie 2 years ago 4127232 master
New audio and video filetype support.

Support for ogg and opus have been added in, and webm has been added
in for video support. File types separated by type as well.
1 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M upnp-mediaserver.c
M upnp-mediaserver.c => upnp-mediaserver.c +11 -2
@@ 105,12 105,21 @@ static const char soap_suffix[] =
static const struct filetype filetypes[] = {
	{"", "application/octet-stream", "object.item"},

	/* audio */
	{"flac", "audio/flac", "object.item.audioItem"},
	{"mp3", "audio/mpeg", "object.item.audioItem"},
	{"ogg", "audio/ogg", "object.item.audioItem"},
	{"opus", "audio/opus", "object.item.audioItem"},
	{"wav", "audio/wav", "object.item.audioItem"},
	{"mkv", "video/x-matroska", "object.item.videoItem"},

	/* video */
	{"mp4", "video/mp4", "object.item.videoItem"},
	{"mp3", "audio/mpeg", "object.item.audioItem"},
	{"mkv", "video/x-matroska", "object.item.videoItem"},
	{"mov", "video/quicktime", "object.item.videoItem"},
	{"webm", "video/webm", "object.item.videoItem"},

	/* image */
	{"jpg", "image/jpeg", "object.item.imageItem"},
	{"png", "image/png", "object.item.imageItem"},