0727b7c7 — Paolo Bonzini a month ago master
Implement "query" tool

The query tool allows to print the incoming and outgoing edges for
a given node.
58ca03be — Paolo Bonzini a month ago
Implement "list" tool
43ea5c01 — periish 2 months ago
Makefile: Add support for BINDIR variable
Revert "Add sr.ht annotations"

This reverts commit 5cab361dd7b160de96616130868e9702815b0219.

Annotations are being removed from git.sr.ht.
Use major/minor numbers for version comparison instead of string

This fixes comparisons of versions newer than 1.9.

Based on patch from Duncan Overbruck.
765deb24 — Duncan Overbruck 7 months ago
update node gen and use comment
tool: Fix usage message for compdb
build: Silence warning
build: Add missing `len` decrement
Update copyright year
build: Check result of clock_gettime
build: Format status string to buffer

This way, we can avoid separate code to check if the format string
is valid.
Use -Wpedantic instead of -pedantic
graph: Free `use` array when deleting a node
env: Free all environments on manifest rebuild
build: Skip unused edges when scheduling dependent edges

Since c02b5bba6f, we populate `use` with all dependent edges, not
just those used during the build. So, only consider those used in
the build when looking for unblocked edges.

Also, remove unnecessary check. If `use == NULL`, then `nuse == 0`.
2921fdad — Angular Orbit 8 months ago
Add some comments
0deda45f — Angular Orbit 8 months ago
Free old environment and pools when manifest is rebuilt
c08a1f0a — Angular Orbit 8 months ago
htab: Free oldkeys and oldvals after resize
tool: Implement targets

Fixes #39.
93a9e98e — Daan De Meyer 9 months ago
Add .clang-format file and reformat.