/lib/theo: Once you understand the mechanism you'll realize it will never work.
igfx: fix some typos in comments
igfx: add TypeILK, since it differs slightly from SNB

ILK's LVDS transcoder select field only has 1 bit, like G45.
igfx: maintain single/double-channel LVDS mode from BIOS
igfx: fix FDI link training on ironlake

Ironlake uses bits 29:28 in the RX control register to select the
training pattern.
aux/vga: return modes according to EDID timing priority order

EDID 1.3 section 5 gives a table describing the priority order of
timing information. Use this ordering when constructing the EDID
mode list.

Since aux/vga selects the first mode in the modelist that matches
the given size, it will now select the mode of that size with the
highest preference. Or, if you set vgasize=auto (or some other
string without an 'x'), aux/vga will select the Preferred Detailed

This should make it unnecessary to modify vgadb in many cases.
ether82563: add pci id for ethernet on dell optiplex 7090 micro (thanks leimy)

 0.31.6: net  02.00.00 8086/15f9 255 0:70900000 131072
         Intel Corporation
devbridge: fix vlan range parsing
git/revert: update modification time on revert

when reverting files, 'cp -x' updates the mtime
to the time the file was committed. this prevents
'mk' from rebuilding the file, leading to stale

this change touches the file on revert, so that
we rebuild the file.
snoopy: add vlan protocol (802.1q)
devbridge: improve locking, unbind ports automatically on read error and more...

Use an RWlock so readers can work in parallel in
the common case (no cache updates).

When a reader needs to update the cache to add
a new learned source mac address, it will drop
the rlock and aquire the wlock to do the update.

When we get a read error, we now unbind the
port to avoid further packets being forwarded
to it.

This is usefull for hotplug ethernet devices
like usb ones or tunnels.

Simplify the unbind, getting rid of the refcount,
by having only the reader proc call freeport().

Avoid holding the bridge lock while opening
and closing ethernet/tunnel device files during
bind and unbind.

Dont use smalloc() (especially when holding locks).

Allocate bridges dynamically, so we do not waste
the memory when we do not need them.

Reject non-hostowner from allocating new bridges.

Use consistent naming: port -> port

Use consistent comment style: // -> /* */
nusb/disk: use setalt(), print argv0 in prints instead of "disk:"
nusb/cam: fix mistake (nil vs -1)
nusb/audio: use setalt(), make sure endpoint has right direction.
nusb/cam: use setalt()
nusb/ether: use setalt()
nusb/lib: provide a setalt() function to set the interface to its altsetting
nusb/ether: remove csp check for rndis, already done in nusbrc
0e3a9556 — Sigrid Solveig Haflínudóttir 2 years ago
libFLAC: update to 1.3.4