59500f93 — Randy Palamar a month ago master
git: apply config.prefix to paths

see #15: Support configurable PREFIX
07cb5a59 — Randy Palamar a month ago
git: update to 2.42.0
pigz: Update to 2.8
openbsd: Update to 7.3
zlib: Update to 1.3
yt-dlp: Update to 2023.07.06
sbase: Update to latest git
acpid: Fix build with musl 1.2.4
acpid: Update to 2.0.34
mblaze: Update to latest git
Add bubblewrap 0.8.0
linux-headers: Update to 6.4
strace: Update to 6.4
samurai: Update to latest git

This fixes a broken submodule commit that was accidentally pushed
prematurely in 9324802b6787e96eb7273248321ce10fd9209ca2.
swc: Update to latest git
musl: Update to 1.2.4
transmission: Fix overflow in previous patch
transmission: Tweak default piece sizes
ffmpeg: Enable srt demuxer
ffmpeg: libavcodec needs zlib, too