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Bug 703312: Update coding-overview.html to strengthen locking requirements.
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@@ 282,6 282,32 @@ multi-threaded operations run smoothly:
	several different threads is perfectly acceptable as long as
	there are safeguards in place to prevent the calls being

<li>	<p>
	"An fz_locks_context must be supplied at context creation time,
	unless MuPDF is to be used purely in a single thread at a time."

	MuPDF needs to protect against unsafe access to certain structures/
	resources/libraries from multiple threads. It does this by using
	the user supplied locking functions. This holds true even when
	using completely separate instances of MuPDF.

<li>	<p>
	"All contexts in use must share the same fz_locks_context (or
	the underlying locks thereof)."

	We strongly recommend that fz_new_context is called just once,
	and fz_clone_context is called to generate new contexts from
	that. This will automatically ensure that the same locking
	mechanism is used in all MuPDF instances. For now, we do support
	multiple completely independent contexts being created using
	repeated calls to fz_new_context, but these MUST share the
	same fz_locks_context (or at least depend upon the same underlying
	locks). The facility to create different independent contexts
	may be removed in future.