3f80002001f1aa498fc4a2f3555b68444c527d1b — Julian Smith 10 months ago 16def89
Bug 703388: document that fz_drop_context() should not be called inside fz_try/always/catch blocks.
1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M include/mupdf/fitz/context.h
M include/mupdf/fitz/context.h => include/mupdf/fitz/context.h +3 -0
@@ 190,6 190,9 @@ fz_context *fz_clone_context(fz_context *ctx);
	The context and all of its global state is freed, and any
	buffered warnings are flushed (see fz_flush_warnings). If NULL
	is passed in nothing will happen.

	Must not be called for a context that is being used in an active
	fz_try(), fz_always() or fz_catch() block.
void fz_drop_context(fz_context *ctx);