19057a9569774591bb4b5e3709c94c9a0f9684ac — Robin Watts 10 months ago 84ea3f9
Bug 702898: Fix SVG output clipping issues.

When we define a pattern, we do so using the SVG symbol mechanism.
Some SVG renderers, by default, make a clipbox around the rendered
symbol. This is no good for contents of patterns that are offset
and should still appear correctly due to the repeats in the patterns.

Accordingly, we make every such symbol have the style="overflow:visible"
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M source/fitz/svg-device.c
M source/fitz/svg-device.c => source/fitz/svg-device.c +1 -1
@@ 1128,7 1128,7 @@ svg_dev_begin_tile(fz_context *ctx, fz_device *dev, fz_rect area, fz_rect view, 
	/* The first thing we do is to capture the contents of the pattern
	 * as a symbol we can reuse. */
	out = start_def(ctx, sdev);
	fz_write_printf(ctx, out, "<symbol id=\"pac%d\">\n", t->pattern);
	fz_write_printf(ctx, out, "<symbol id=\"pac%d\" style=\"overflow:visible\">\n", t->pattern);

	return 0;