qemu: Disable -Werror
Update to linux 6.0.10
Update qemu config

Add SMP, inotify, virtio-sound, packet sockets, and TCP syn cookies.
build: Explicitly specify xz dependency
Update kernel version
qemu: Enable CONFIG_FB for linux 5.14
x99, t14: Use efivarfs instead of legacy sysfs variables
Add x99 config
t14: Enable CONFIG_FB for linux 5.14
t14: Add support for iso9660 filesystems
t14: Add support for PL2303 USB serial
t14: Add support for USB audio
t14: Enable USB storage support
t14: Enable support for Xbox controller
t14: Compress kernel with zstd
t14: Enable driver for SD card reader
Update kernel to 5.10.7
Update kernel to 5.9.11
t14: Enable microphone support
Add config for T14 AMD