ref: d28c5f37cfbd0507796d76ced17ad01fd11ea564 drawterm/kern/devcons.c -rw-r--r-- 15.5 KiB
fix drawterm compiles using gcc 10

-fno-common became the default, and and kmesg was relying
on common symbols being merged.
devcons: add #c/kmesg, redraw kmesg buffer after resize

when resizing the screen, the text contents where lost.
with the kmesg buffer, we can just re-render the text.
devcons: remove /dev/swap
remove more old cruft
remove old unused cruft
devcons, devkbd: use tas() to check for unuse
devcons: remove cpunote file

the cpunote file is ment to be read by the remote side
to transport interrupt notes from the client side. drawterm's
implementation just blocks forever as we do not handle
9p flushes, it prevents the server side noteproc to
be killed keeping the 9p connection open even after the
remote command exits.
replace custom randfill() with prng() calls, remove rand()/nrand() definitions from kernel
update libauthsrv, use common readcons() function
devcons: dont setterm(0) in printinit, ioctl causes process to get stopped when run in background on unix
reduce error verbosity, hang when panicing in graphics mode
devcons: simplify line editing logic
do screeninit() in devdraw at attach time, fix type for setterm() prototype
handle cooked mode eof
raw mode
just read stdin for readcons() until i figured out tty raw processing
provide dummy _getch() function for unix, fix mouseinit() crash
add -G flag to disable graphics mode
handle role= and !hex= key attributes in secstore p9sk1/dp9ik keys