ec8c48a5cbd03c7e29cec3a7c7b85962a468a75d — kvik 8 months ago 00a4e16
devaudio-sndio: use a documented default device string

Passing NULL as a device string was never supposed to work,
at least I couldn't find a mention of it in documented interface.
It appeared to work anyway, up until recently, when sio_open
started failing.
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M kern/devaudio-sndio.c
M kern/devaudio-sndio.c => kern/devaudio-sndio.c +1 -1
@@ 20,7 20,7 @@ static struct sio_par par;
	hdl = sio_open(NULL, SIO_PLAY, 0);
	hdl = sio_open(SIO_DEVANY, SIO_PLAY, 0);
	if(hdl == NULL){
		error("sio_open failed");