Use lowercase for domain names so they are in canonical form
README updates
Omit TTL by default in DS and DNSKEY output
zone: Skip RRSIG records
Add support for SSHFP records
zone: Add helper method to parse data strings
Add continuous build badge
Add continuous build manifest
zone: Default to IN class
Don't use previous TTL when unspecified

RFC 2308 says that the $TTL value should be used in this case.
Add missing goto on unsupported record type
Major zone parser improvements

Now, we support full RFC 1035 zone files, including $ORIGIN and
$INCLUDE, as well as RFC 2308 $TTL, and RFC 3597 generic records.
rrsig: Allow zone file name on command-line
Return end of domain name in dname_parse
Fix uninitialized NSEC rdata
Improve domain name parser and store encoded names
Naming changes
base64: Simplify
Fix base64 size calculation
rrsig: Default to signing both keys and zones

This matches what the README says.