Update qbe submodule
scan: Add `::` operator

This is needed for attributes, added in C2X (n2335).
Send mail to list on build job failure
Remove test corresponding to cast-same-type.qbe

This should have been removed when "expr: Fix cast of same type" was
reverted in 0d1969024c.
decl: Allow _Static_assert with no message

This is accepted for C2X[0].

[0] http://www.open-std.org/jtc1/sc22/wg14/www/docs/n2265.pdf
decl: Separate _Static_assert handling to its own function
Revert "expr: Fix cast of same type"

This reverts commit 1a38a5fc4844a0de8729be694a62ba0afce3ff52.

This breaks comparisons bitfields in some cases, for instance

	extern struct {unsigned x:31;} s;
	int main(void) {
		return (unsigned)s.x - 1 < 0;

If we discard the cast, then it is a signed comparison because of integer
promotion for bit-fields, otherwise it is an unsigned comparison.

Additionally, the test case this was meant to fix is not actually ISO C,
since casts must be to scalar types or `void`.
Update oasis package list
decl: Allow enumerator values up to UINT_MAX
Update wiki URLs
Fix alpine-aarch64 build manifest
expr: Fix cast of same type
Remove comment for completed TODO
decl: Display message when _Static_assert fails
Mention oasis packages in doc/software.md
Update binutils/gcc patch branch and descriptions
type: Ignore parameter qualifiers when determining type compatibility

The end of C11 says that qualifiers should be ignored when
checking compatibility of function types.
Build annotations in continuous build
driver: Print error message when run with unsupported target