README: Add riscv64 to supported targets
CI: Add debian-riscv64 builder
CI: Simplify alpine-aarch64.yml and debian-aarch64.yml
CI: Remove obsolete workaround for qemu-binfmt bug
CI: Add alpine-riscv64 builder
expr: Create decl for compound literal during parse
qbe: Track 'thread' prefix in value kind

Adding a bool field increases the size of struct value by 8 due to

In the future, maybe we just use something like VALUE_DECL instead.
qbe: Disallow address of TLS variables in static initializers

The address of an object with thread storage duration is not an
address constant.
qbe: Pass struct decl to mkglobal instead of fields from the decl
decl: Keep track of storage duration in struct decl
decl: Help gcc see that variable is not used uninitialized
implement _Thread_local storage class

Implements: https://todo.sr.ht/~mcf/cproc/8
test: Add test for compatible array types
decl: Combine typeof and typeof_unqual switch case
qbe: Clarify comment
README: Remove mention of trigraphs (they were removed in C23)
decl: Support variadic functions with no other parameters
decl: Save and re-open parameter scope for body
Remove support for non-prototype function declarations and definitions

These were removed in C23.