expr: Disallow function/incomplete types and bit-fields in sizeof/_Alignof
Fix issue links in README
Update issue tracker link
Make debian-aarch64 build more robust to gcc version changes
driver: Pass -std=* through to the preprocessor

This will prevent the preprocessor from defining several unreserved
identifiers when built with an ISO C language standard, which may conflict
with identifiers used by the program being built.
doc: Update binutils patch list

Two patches removed, two patches added.
decl: Parse array size as an assignment-expression

Even though we don't support VLAs yet, we should still be parsing the
VLA syntax, then failing after if it was not a constant expression.
Fix email address in build manifests

Go's email libraries (used by builds.sr.ht) need the address to be in
this format.
Fix build manifests for changed environment behavior
Update oasis software status
driver: phase -> stage
driver: Preprocess assembly files with .S extension
driver: Use LEN(phases) instead of NPHASES
Update qbe submodule
scan: Add `::` operator

This is needed for attributes, added in C2X (n2335).
Send mail to list on build job failure
Remove test corresponding to cast-same-type.qbe

This should have been removed when "expr: Fix cast of same type" was
reverted in 0d1969024c.
decl: Allow _Static_assert with no message

This is accepted for C2X[0].

[0] http://www.open-std.org/jtc1/sc22/wg14/www/docs/n2265.pdf
decl: Separate _Static_assert handling to its own function
Revert "expr: Fix cast of same type"

This reverts commit 1a38a5fc4844a0de8729be694a62ba0afce3ff52.

This breaks comparisons bitfields in some cases, for instance

	extern struct {unsigned x:31;} s;
	int main(void) {
		return (unsigned)s.x - 1 < 0;

If we discard the cast, then it is a signed comparison because of integer
promotion for bit-fields, otherwise it is an unsigned comparison.

Additionally, the test case this was meant to fix is not actually ISO C,
since casts must be to scalar types or `void`.