CI: Drop obsolete OpenBSD patch
bb16d92f — √Črico Rolim 2 months ago
Support -pthread compiler flag.

POSIX requires -lpthread, but most Linux manual pages recommend using
-pthread, and a lot of projects use it.
Update qbe submodule
Update qbe submodule
Add a patch to fix OpenBSD bootstrap on 6.7

This issue is already fixed in -current.
Add -nopie to linker flags on OpenBSD

The OpenBSD linker defaults to PIE, but QBE does not yet support
generating position-independent code.
.builds/alpine: remove annotations

This feature is being removed from git.sr.ht
Help gcc see that variables are not used uninitialized
Revert "decl: Allow out-of-range enum constants when they don't change type"

This reverts commit 6229709b8ae21d7722fef48ad8a9f2f10b900030.

I still don't understand how out-of-range enum constants are supposed
to work.
Disable bootstrap in OpenBSD continuous build
decl: Allow out-of-range enum constants when they don't change type

gcc and clang allow enum constants out of range of int, but this
means that the type of enumerator may differ inside and outside the
enum specifier.

Instead, only allow out-of-range enum constants when their types
are compatible with the final enum type.
decl: Improve error message for out-of-range enum constants
qbe: Omit unnecessary add to help QBE's memopt pass
driver: Print unknown option before usage message
Add install target to Makefile
Update qbe submodule
doc/software: Remove unnotable sections
Refer to github issue for oasis porting effort
expr: Just ignore decayed operand in unary `&` operator

Reusing the decayed expression is more complicated, and only saved
one malloc.
type: Remove unnecessary check for TYPEVOID

There is only one type with this kind, so the equality check above
expr: Add type checking for equality and relational expressions