1e7f6cdb542e6abbc72e2ba2d6aaf9b03d48fc00 — Michael Forney 15 days ago 489c853
Add -nopie to linker flags on OpenBSD

The OpenBSD linker defaults to PIE, but QBE does not yet support
generating position-independent code.
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M configure
M configure => configure +1 -1
@@ 106,7 106,7 @@ case "$target" in
	test "$host" = "$target" && : ${DEFAULT_PREPROCESSOR:=/usr/libexec/cpp}
	startfiles='"-l", ":crt0.o", "-l", ":crtbegin.o"'
	endfiles='"-l", "c", "-l", ":crtend.o"'
	linkflags='"-L", "/usr/lib",'
	linkflags='"-L", "/usr/lib", "-nopie",'
	/* required to prevent libc headers from declaring functions with conflicting linkage */