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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#oasis qemu image

To launch in graphics mode:


To launch in serial mode:

./run -s

There is no password for root or oasis. To login, just hit enter at the password prompt.

#QEMU monitor

In serial mode, you can switch to the QEMU console monitor with Ctrl-a c. In graphics mode, it is started by default.

#Text editor

Two text editors are available: vis(1), a vi-like text editor, and ed(1).

#Display server

In graphics mode, you can launch velox with

swc-launch velox

velox works similarly to dwm, and has similar default keybindings:

  • Launch a terminal: Alt-Shift-Enter
  • Launch a browser: Alt-b
  • Launch dmenu: Alt-r
  • Cycle window focus: Alt-[jk]
  • Move window to/from master area: Alt-Enter
  • Change workspace Alt-[1-9]

#Rebuilding the system from source

The image comes with the oasis source repository checked out at /src/oasis.

cd /src/oasis
# add development packages
doas git -C / pull --depth=1 --allow-unrelated --no-edit origin devel
# checkpoint root FS state
git -C / branch -f oasis master
# add x86_64-linux-musl toolchain
doas git -C / pull --depth=1 --allow-unrelated --no-edit toolchain master
# build
samu commit
# merge to /
doas git -C / merge --no-edit

#Shutting down or rebooting

You can shutdown by sending SIGUSR1 to init, or reboot with SIGINT:

doas kill -s USR1 1 # shutdown
doas kill -s INT 1 # reboot