[numgrep] Typo in help. Factor operator is marked by 'f' not 'm'.
5567a524 — Suso Banderas 19 years ago master 0.5
Fifth Beta Release v0.5

- Cleaned up a few bits of code in numsum.
- Adjusted copyright years to 2004.
- Added -c,-r,-x,-y options to numsum to allow it to sum columns
  and rows and specify which rows and columns you want.
  * Special thanks to the folks on #perl on irc.freenode.org for
    helping me out with the regex for this one.
- Added -<n> number hack to numsum to quickly specify the column
  number that you want to sum.  For now it only does columns
  1 through 9 because I need to figure out how to get past
  Getopt::Std to get the whole number specified.  Since this is
  such a hack, I might just leave it as is or drop it.
- Made some changes to the GOALS file in regards to what options
  are being planned.
c1ba2758 — Suso Banderas 20 years ago 0.4
Fourth Beta Release v0.4

- Added -R option to normalize
- updated utils to include man page reference to normalize
- updated range program to include man page reference to seq(1)
- Added feedback directory and files to CVS.
- Added normalize program and documentation.
- Added median function and -M option
- Added -l option for using the lower median number on even sets.
- Added find_mode subroutine to average program and respective
ba491dfa — Suso Banderas 20 years ago
Third Beta Release v0.3

- Added -q option to interval and updated documentation.
- Added interval program with initial functionality
- Changed man page listing on other programs to include interval
- Updated GOALS file to include 'interval' goals and also added
  the -t option to numsum's goals.
- Updated spec file with interval file entries.
- Updated README file.
dc5706b4 — Suso Banderas 20 years ago 0.2
Second Beta Release v0.2

 - Fixed formatting in GOALS document.
 - Added some of the features submitted by
   areiner@tph.tuwien.ac.at to the GOALS file.
 - Added helpful information for the 'bound' program to explain
   that the default is to find the maximum number.
 - Added code to 'numgrep' to handle factors and multiples.
 - Added expression info and examples to 'numgrep' man page/pod
   and help output.
 - Added code and documentation for -e (exclude) option for
 - Fixed a few things in the README.
 - Made the sqrt function in numprocess process negative numbers
   as imaginary.
c2129c49 — Suso Banderas 21 years ago 0.1
Initial Beta Release v0.1