nmcli GUI client using rofi and hopefully almost nothing else
Eliminate one more unbound variable.
We do require bash, not just /bin/sh
Make shellcheck happy


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

This is a small GUI script to allow switching on Wi-Fi networks.

I have originally found it somewhere on Internet and I really cannot remember where. There are so many similarly named scripts, that I cannot find it. I am sorry to whoever was the original owner. If it is you, please, let me know, and we can agree on some solution. Thank you.

It should hopefully not require anything else than nmcli, rofi, bash, and basic shell coreutils.

All issues, questions, complaints, or (even better!) patches should be send via email to ~mcepl/devel@lists.sr.ht email list (for patches use git send-email).