Fix: Location of imag-wiki crate
Fix dependencies: Add version
Add changelog for 0.7.1
Update version strings: 0.7.0 -> 0.7.1
Set extension or warn if none there

In case of auto-generating the file name, we should add an extension.
If we do not auto-generate the file name, we should warn that the
extension for the file is missing.
Fix: Generate UID when creating a contact
Fix: Make most fields optional
Deny non-absolut import pathes
Revert "Fix: Do not automatically wrap text"

This reverts commit 6ab8c2b43519ffe0df8a2bbfab01c66da1214dbf.
Fix: Do not inherit stdout here

This caused us to print funny output. But we want to catch the output
and print a nice list ourselves here.
Fix: imag-log show should order by datetime
Fix: Do not automatically wrap text

We must use `ArgMatches::occurrences_of` here to check whether the
argument was actually passed.

If it was not passed, we do not wrap at all.
Fix: get_youngest_entry_id()

We need to reverse the iterator for getting the _youngest_ entry here.

Also seems to fix the issue that imag-diary edit -d <date> did not work
Merge pull request #1410 from matthiasbeyer/prepare-0.7.0

Prepare 0.7.0 release
Move changelog to 0.7.0 section
Add changelog from 0.6.4

This changelog was never added to the master branch, which I catch up on
with this commit.
Merge pull request #1414 from matthiasbeyer/imag-diary/list-full-id

Fix: Use full storeid when listing
Fix: Use fill storeid when listing
Merge pull request #1412 from matthiasbeyer/libimagrt/stdin-is-available

Make stdin always available
Always use stdout via output proxy

The switching between stdout and stderr on an automated basis caused
errors in the using code, where output was redirected but shouldn't.