Merge pull request #1410 from matthiasbeyer/prepare-0.7.0

Prepare 0.7.0 release
Move changelog to 0.7.0 section
Add changelog from 0.6.4

This changelog was never added to the master branch, which I catch up on
with this commit.
Merge pull request #1414 from matthiasbeyer/imag-diary/list-full-id

Fix: Use full storeid when listing
Fix: Use fill storeid when listing
Merge pull request #1412 from matthiasbeyer/libimagrt/stdin-is-available

Make stdin always available
Always use stdout via output proxy

The switching between stdout and stderr on an automated basis caused
errors in the using code, where output was redirected but shouldn't.
Make stdin always available

Because we do not implement the store piping and pipe magic, the stdin
stream should always be available.
Merge pull request #1411 from matthiasbeyer/imag-view/fix-error-message

Fix: Make error message more explanatory
Fix: Make error message more explanatory
Merge pull request #1380 from matthiasbeyer/minor

Minor patches
Update dependency: task-hookrs: master -> 0.5
Add changelog entry for libimagwiki/imag-wiki
Fix documentation in crate metadata
Update dependency: toml-query: 0.4 -> 0.6
Update dependency: toml-query: 0.4 -> 0.6
Add changelog for log level fix
Add logging in store
Add changelog for autocomplete script generation
Add changelog entry for clap wrap_help