Update version numbers: 0.6.3 -> 0.6.4
Backported Fix: Editor spawning causes terminal trashing



and adds the appropriate changelog entry.
Fix: Create store directory as well
Ensure command and args are provided correctly

Cherry-picked from a23afa77721e15023bc2edb7d24ff94bd15a22e4
and changelog added.
Update version numbers: 0.6.2 -> 0.6.3
This fixes the file parsing (again)

Unfortunately, our latest fix to file parsing did not solve all issues.
So we have to fix it _again_.

The problem was the `std::str::Lines` iterator, which apparently fails

    assert_eq!(1, "".lines().count());

as an empty line seems not to be a line.

Because of that, when reading a file with an empty line at its bottom
got stripped off that line.

This patch removes the use of the `lines()` iterator and uses
`split("\n")` instead. This only works on Unix operating systems, but as
we only target unix operating systems with imag, this is not considered
an issue right now.

This patch also adds extensive tests on multiple levels in the
`libimagstore` implementation:

* On the parsing level, for the function which implements the parsing
* On the filesystem abstraction levels
* On the `Store` levels

to make sure that everything is parsed correctly.


Cherry picked from: da408b9e677f7db9d2e699ba306874c68fc3f784
plus changelog added.
Update version numbers: 0.6.{0, 1} -> 0.6.2
Fix: Hourly/Minutely should set minute/second to zero
Update version number: 0.6.{0, 1} -> 0.6.2
Fix multi-line reading

Reading entries with multiple entries caused all lines to be read as one

This bug is fixed with this patch and a testcase was added.


This patch was cherry-picked from
87d6f1221fa0e3a6d5f6095ede6006d3003bdff9 and
plus a changelog entry was added.
Rewrite entry parsing algorithm

Rewrite without regex crate.

The regex approach was broken. If the following _content_ was provided
in the entry:




The regex approach parsed the header until the "---" in the content.
This is, of course, not the way to do that.

Now, the parsing is implemented by hand. Should be faster as well,
though I don't care about this.

This fixes a severe bug.


This patch was cherry-picked from
9fb5f453fee0d7cc2d4550980f52f833c38ada9c. The changelog was adapted.
Fix order of evaluation

We need to evaluate the commandline argument first and if there is none,
we use the default.

This patch fixes that bug.


Cherry-picked from 0cde88d661c414e74afd8f30b579de51273e959d
and changelog for next release added.
Add changelog for imag 0.6.1
Update version number: imag-init: 0.6.0 -> 0.6.1
Fix include_str!() in imag-init

Fixed by symlinking the imagrc.toml file to the crate directory of

Cherry-picked from: 8a3f2602e0b1c83c2040cd7172320829a4dd3d8c
Fix: git dir is not worktree dir

Cherry-picked from: 3b098069c5cd31d3e7ef500e128a85af9e2d0d4f
Merge pull request #1272 from matthiasbeyer/prepare-0.6.0

Prepare 0.6.0 release
Rename switch for new pandoc version
Revert "Fix include path for release"

This reverts commit c229d7d1fc65765616d2bd31b819a24cd1582846.
Reorder crates because of changed dependencies
Fix include path for release