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@@ 18,7 18,7 @@ Yes, imag is a rather ambitious project as it tries to reimplement functionality
for several "personal information management aspects".
We try to use standards like vcard, icalendar and others wherever possible.

Have a look at [the documentation](./doc/) for some more words on this.
Have a look at [the documentation](https://imag-pim.org/doc/) for some more words on this.

## Building/Running

@@ 105,7 105,7 @@ updates and where discussion and questions are encouraged.

## Documentation

We have some documentation in [the ./doc subtree](./doc/)
We have some documentation in [the ./doc subtree](https://git.imag-pim.org/imag/tree/doc)
which can be compiled to PDF or a website using pandoc.
It might not be up to date, though.
Developer documentation for the last release is available

@@ 119,7 119,8 @@ Feel free to open issues (by writing to
[the mailinglist](https://imag-pim.org/mailinglist/))
for asking questions, suggesting features or other things!

Also have a look at [the CONTRIBUTING.md file](./CONTRIBUTING.md)!
Also have a look at
[the CONTRIBUTING.md file](https://git.imag-pim.org/imag/tree/doc/src/09010-contributing.md)!

## Contact