tool for building packages for linux distributions in docker
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"butido" could stand for "but i do", "BUild Things In DOcker" or "Better Universal Task Instrumentation Docker Observator".

Anyways, it is a tool for building packages for linux distributions in docker and it does not make assumptions about the build procedure itself (and thus can build .rpm, .deb, or any other package format your scripts can build).


Packages are defined in TOML and in hierarchies (see config-rs). See the examples for how to define packages.

The "business-logic" of packages are shell scripts which exist in predefined "phases". These scripts are compiled into one large script (per package) which is then run to build the source into a package.

The package definition(s) can hold meta-information and (of course) information about a packages dependencies. Both dependencies and meta-information is made available in a build.

Everything that is computed before, during or after a build or submit is written to a postgres database, including build logs. This database can be queried for packages, build information, logs and other data.

Successfully built packages are collected in a "staging" store on FS. A staging store is created per submit. The results can be taken from this "staging" store and be released into a "release" store.


Building butido is easy, assuming you have a Rust installation:

cargo build --release # (remove --release for a debug build)

Butido is built and tested with Rust 1.54.0 as MSRV.

#(Development) Setup

To set up a development infrastructure or a production infrastructure (using the examples from the ./examples/packages directory):

# pull down necessary docker images
docker pull debian:bullseye
docker pull postgres:12

# setup the database in a postgres container
PG_USER=pgdev   \
PG_PW=password  \
PG_DB=butido    \
bash scripts/dev-pg-container.sh

# copy the examples to /tmp
cd examples/packages

# Finish the database setup
cd /tmp/butido-test-repo
/path/to/butido db setup

# Start building
/path/to/butido build a --image debian:bullseye


Word Explanation
build / job The procedure of transforming a set of sources to a package (or, technically, even to multiple packages)
dependency A "package" that is required during the buildtime or during the runtime of another "package"
endpoint A docker API endpoint butido can talk to
jobset A list of jobs that can be run in any order or in parallel
output The results of a butido build job
package A single (archive) file OR the definition of a job
script The script that is run inside a container. Basically the "->" in "source -> package".
source A file that contains a source code archive
submit A call to butido for building a single package, which can result in multiple packages (dependencies) being built
tree The tree structure that is computed before a packages is built to find out all (transitive) dependencies


butido was developed for science+computing ag (an Atos company).

License: EPL-2.0