Rust and NixOS enthusiast.

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Distributed Social Network based on IPFS, build with Rust


tool for building packages for linux distributions in docker


Crate to work with taskwarrior exported JSON


A simple crate that adds the missing `Result::inspect()` function.


Helpers for handling `Iterator<Item = Result<O, E>>` in Rust


Query library for TOML objects


Calculate times with chrono "plain text like" in Rust.


A simple crate that adds the missing `Option::inspect()` function.


Build filters for Iterator::filter() using the builder pattern


Query serde de/serializable document where you don't know the schema at compiletime


A helper to build interactive CLIs for building objects


Async DAG library generic over Node type, Node Identifier Type and Backend (storage)


Maintenance fork of https://github.com/mehcode/config-rs/ until maintainer responds

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