ea9eb5f4 — Matthias Totschnig 2 months ago master
Update public key with new email address
03758783 — Matthias Totschnig 2 months ago
Update homepage

I'm no longer attending high-school. My email address has changed. Also,
small changes to capitalization, wording...
dba87b32 — Matthias Totschnig 2 months ago
Add TODO.md to .gitignore
90b3d332 — Matthias Totschnig 2 months ago
In config.toml, remove 'www.' from `base_url`
Update NixOS Wireguard article because of a change in systemd
Update .editorconfig to use spaces in the content/ directory
Restrict <time> tag styles to navigation
Snuggle inline notes to a preceding header
Fix format of some old comments
Add support for inline notes
Ad-hoc update to zola 0.17
Add note about security in nixos-initrd-ssh
Fix typo in nixos-initrd-ssh
Read oauth token from stdin, rotate token
Migrate to sourcehut pages
Add article about running RISC-V assembly in QEMU
Add a flag to push side notes up a little
Reset margin-top on first blockquote child
Use em, not rem, on headers and <small>
Revert to padded and bordered blockquote style