High Kings and Consuls - A localisation mod for Crusader Kings 2
c5111590 — Superpat 6 years ago
Added celtic tribal titles and a prototypal pictish titles
45cc405f — Superpat 6 years ago
Added info to .mod file
4d2e5963 — Superpat 7 years ago
Merge pull request #4 from Superpat/Beta


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High Kings, Consuls and other crazy things. A localisation mod.


This mod aims at flavorful, but comprehensible, titles for most of the vanilla cultures such as Boyars and Grand Boyars for the russians, Petty Kings and High Kings for the irish or a Negus for the ethiopians. The time span aimed at for titles is generally in the early middle ages but some exceptions can be made.

With the mod now released, I ask only that you give me your opinion, suggestions, and post if you see any errors!


Localisations for emperor tier titles (Empereur, Console..) Flavorful king, duke, count, baron, religious and republican titles (High King, First Mayor..) French, German and Spanish translations Localisations for the High Priest titles of the various reformed pagans