9d24b477 — superpat 4 years ago
Merged all image loading functions in main class

Instead of having a function for each image asset, the same function
can now load every image.
37bacc1d — superpat 4 years ago
Huge overhaul of comments

I also rearranged the position of certain functions and variables to make reading the
files easier.
1fd515fc — superpat 4 years ago
Project .swf file

Commiting the file so anyone can easily run it.

It should be known that the project is a first attempt at creating a
game since I've started school and that some problems may still appear.

For example, enemy movement can sometimes be erratic and player
spawning might automatically result in death.
1b5bba52 — superpat 4 years ago
Version 1.0 du jeu!

Finalisation de l'aspect graphique
Bouton go et gameover gamewin
R├ęgler mouvement erratique ai
Ajouter nombres maximum de balles qu'un joueur peut tirer
d38df631 — superpat 4 years ago
Player damage system and other issues

* Impact animation
Subtle flashing animation when plane is hit

* Implemented player collision and damage system
Player will now die when hitting the frame or another plane
Player loses hitpoints when hit by enemy bullet
Game over when hitpoints = 0

* Started working on ai random movement
Refer to ai movement issue
f3216185 — superpat 4 years ago
Refactored bullet implementation

* Bullets are located in two global arrays, player bullets and ai bullets
* Made bullets smaller
* The ai can shoot bullets
947dd481 — superpat 4 years ago
Implemented ai collisions

Ai will explode when hitting a bullet or the player
Bug when trying to destroy player
Must still implement explosion graphic
84261ff6 — superpat 4 years ago
Basic ai movement

Also set maximum speed at 8
6d333ed4 — superpat 4 years ago
Started work on ai

Basic movement for enemies
Also implemented collison detection for bullets
ab919915 — superpat 4 years ago
Allows multiple bullets

Players can now shoot multiple bullets at the same time
89a2f2c4 — superpat 4 years ago
Basic Shooting function

The player can now shoot one oversized bullet.
Next step means modifying the bullet bitmap and implementing multiple
bullets and a reload procedure.
8c2e3c64 — superpat 4 years ago
Basic player movement

Player can accelerate and turn
Also removed export folder
ccc779d0 — superpat 4 years ago
Started working in a team

Imported plane sprites
Basic plane rendering
Started theorizing plane movement
98f28882 — superpat 4 years ago
Restructured readme and init Plane class

Wrote boilerplate for Plane class and shifted class documentation over
to its own file.
c41a23ca — superpat 4 years ago
Initial code base

Haxe project files and readme