Personal repository of custom low-res fonts
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fixed bouquet sprite
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4x4 font :E


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#Pixel Fonts

A collection of low-resolution fonts. Useful for pixel art games, especially made with gint, LZY or LZR. I will try to add the .png file for direct use in gint, the fconv-metadata.txt file, and maybe .ttf fonts for making assets.


Low-res fonts are hard to make, and don't let much room to be original. My work may looks exactly like other low-res fonts, so I'm not claiming ownership on any fonts here. All the files here are under the CC0 license, which means you can merely do anything with the fonts without worrying about anything. Have fun !

#List of fonts


Variants : normal, italic, bold Cute little font. Best used in game sprites or for small texts.


  • 3x3 (lol)
  • 3x5
  • 5x7
  • 6x6
  • 7x7
  • 8x4
  • 8x8
  • 8x9 ?
  • 12x8 ?
  • 16x8 ???
  • Test the fonts on calculators
  • Test the fonts on LZY/LZR

Don"t hesitate to contact me if you need more specific sizes :)