A simple cipher of my own creation.
Updated README
Added Python implementation
Made some changes to the Jai implementation.


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#Circle Cipher

A cipher of my own creation that works by rearanging the letters based on the pattern they would be on a circle if following a certain pattern.

You can see the various implementations by looking in the src directory, or by clicking here

#How it works.

It takes in an input, for example this: Hello Sailor And you place the characters on a circle, for example like this:

'r' 'H' 'l'
'l'     'o'
'a'     'S'
' '     'i'
'l' 'e' 'o'

Then you just take the letters one by one in the clockwise direction, and you now have your output. For example: HloSioel alr

And to extract the hidden message, you just take one letter at a time following the pattern rather than just going along the circle taking one letter at a time.