Support multiple product codes per device
Give the buttons a pointer cursor
Make cursor a pointer when hovering over "All images"
Some UI improvements

Image selection:
* Use pretty_name from bpo
* Show latest stable version
* Show more device info

* Show image name
Replace hardcoded pretty name list for UI to pretty_name from json

Now that bpo provides a pretty_name attribute, use that.
Update device names to name from wiki

Make sure they're consistent and correctly capitalized.
Print exception to console when "Flasher failed"

Otherwise errors such as trying to use a non-sparse image for flashing
fails without printing the error.
Add the oneplus 6t
Improve error message for firefox
Add basic error detection
But the flashing process behind a confirmation button
Promote stable images more
Add support for the Fairphone 4
Support coarse input
Support the xiaomi-scorpio
Improve dark theme
Mobile layout improvements
Remove the old indexdb code
Remove extra logging