Generate a placeholder case outline when none is defined on User.6
Use fuzzy matching for outline building

Sometimes the coordinates of "connected" drawing segments is off by a floating point error. Use fuzzy matching to complete the outline anyway.
Bump version to 1.7.1
Fix crash on polygon edge.cuts
Fix crash on circular hole
Bump version to 1.7.0
Don't crash on empty shapes
Support circular PCBs and case outlines
Escape insert names to fix OpenSCAD syntax error

Avoid generating variables like `insert_M2.5_depth`
Use proper calculation for generating the arc points in the PCB and case path
Don't crash on holes without a reference set

KiCad 7 doesn't add an empty reference for footprints so don't crash if it's not set.
Support exporting SVG files for laser cutters
Add syntax highlighting for the git-send-email commands
Update readme with more information
Add newline to the README to appease the codeberg renderer
Add hole for the CUI SJ1-353x 3.5mmm jack
Add Neutrik D-style chassis holes
Bump version to 1.6.1
Update command line options in the readme
Render new screenshots for the readme