0.2 2 years ago

Shipments 0.2

* New carriers:
  - DHL
  - InPost
  - Russian Post
  - 4PX
* The search functionality now works
* Packages in the sidebar are now grouped by state
* The hamburger menu now has an option to open the official tracking
  website for a package
* Restyled the detail pages to look more modern

Martijn Braam (15):
      Added README
      Remove compiled gresource
      Better handling for invalid UPS codes
      Handle fatal errors in the InPost carrier
      Handle long status messages or package labels in the sidebar
      Use HdyActionRows
      Remove extra seperator
      Add tracking_url to the PackageInfo
      Support opening the tracking website if the carrier supports it
      carrier: Add DHL
      Better space usage on medium sized screens
      carrier: Add 4PX
      Group packages by status category in the sidebar
      Implement basic search
      Force two column mode on wider screens

Nikita Travkin (1):
      carrier: Add Russian Post

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak (4):
      get_tracking_info: Don't try to guess the carrier when already
      on_carrier_change: Fix display name handling
      StatusCategory: Add ERROR category
      carrier: Add InPost support