gtk_switcher: convert to premultiplied alpha when uploading .png stills

The PNG format specifies straight alpha, BMD wants pre-multiplied if you don't want to mess with sliders.
pyatem: support pre-multiplying alpha on still upload
gtk_switcher: don't crash on python without locale
Bump version to 0.8.2
pyatem: fix converter test fixture paths
fix paths for the generated manpages
proxy: Add man page for the atemswitch utility
pyatem: replace deprecated spdx license identifier
Bump version to 0.8.1
Added man page for the setup application
Added man page for the proxy application
Added man page for the GTK app
setup: Add search keywords to desktop file
Add license texts for the GPL parts and clarify in main license file
setup: add GPL license headers
gtk_switcher: add GPL license headers
pyatem: add LGPL license headers
gtk_switcher: Add keywords to the .desktop file
1aadf368 — Benjamin Drung a month ago
Drop Encoding field from desktop files

The Encoding key is deprecated in the FreeDesktop standard. Instead, all
strings must now be encoded in UTF-8. This desktop entry specifies an
Encoding of UTF-8. It is harmless but can be dropped.

Signed-off-by: Benjamin Drung <bdrung@debian.org>
683fa7f1 — Benjamin Drung a month ago
test: Make fixtures path configurable

The test fixtures are not installed. The test cases will fail in that

Make the test fixtures path configurable via the environment variable

Signed-off-by: Benjamin Drung <bdrung@debian.org>