pyatem: converters: support multiple connected converters
Implement the fairlight EQ band settings
Rewire a series of events through the field decorator
pyatem: name a few unknown fields
Add routing python script to meson
Rewire the AUX routing to deal with the webcam output numbering
pyatem: add available_usb for webcam output availability to InPr
Fix avahi discovery of ATEM devices running newer firmware.
Bump version to 0.11.0
Add basic macro creation support
pyatem: update topology info
Add dump-topology script for remote hardware info
ci: fix pip install with newer python versions
pyatem: Add support for the 8.6+ USB protocol
Detect newer USB protocols
8ce042c4 — Peter Newman 4 months ago
Add more fields to the Teranex Mini Converter HDMI to SDI 12G
ad9ef3ca — Peter Newman 4 months ago
Add Multiview 4
c01225d8 — Peter Newman 5 months ago
Remove some accidental copy and paste and try and improve the field descriptions
6bae22a1 — Peter Newman 5 months ago
Add additional udev rules
Add tooltips for the bitrate fields