Implement firmware warning page
Use a more recent version of libhandy
Remove debug line and release 0.4.2
Update documentation and release 0.4.1
Vendor the hexdump dependency
Update screenshots
Add release notes for 0.4.0
update the buildsystem and readme

- Add the proxy to the meson buildsystem
- Create quick install scripts for a local install or development
- Update the readme for newer meson conventions and explain the scripts
openswitcher: improve reconnect logging
docs: add examples to the mqtt module
proxy: mqtt: make subscribe topic configurable

The proxy now subscribes to the same topic as set for sending by default
if allow-writes is enabled. To have a seperate subcription as the
sending topic use the topic-subscribe setting.

The protocol is switched to MQTTv5 to be able to use NoLocal which makes
the broker not send the messages back to the sender when the sending and
receiving topic is the same.
proxy: mqtt: show writable state in status line
proxy: mqtt: allow arbitrary writes

Since there are typically no server-side MQTT ACLs, this has to be
enabled explicitly.

There's some duplication of code between this implementation and the one
in the HTTP backend. The most straightforward way of fixing that is to
convert these early returns into proper exceptions, but I'm too lazy for
this and I'm gonna be using this feature tomorrow :).

Signed-off-by: Jan Kundrát <jkt@jankundrat.com>
openswitcher: fix loading of the first volume control
pyatem: fix debug name for tally-source
openswitcher: fix port number storing in OpenSwitcher proxy mode

The portnumber did not get properly restored in the UI and errors
were hidden due to improper exception handleing
pyatem: fix offset for datatype 0x80
pyatem: add the void commands for camera control
pyatem: support generating camera control packets
pyatem: implement decoders for the camera data packets