Central web application for the Phone Testing Setup
Ignore the dev data directory
Integrate with MQTT for job logging
Add artifact storage to the model


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#PTS Central Controller

This is the central controller software for PTS (phone testing setup). It implements a webinterface for managing and tracking the builds that are distributed across controller nodes.

This is a flask webapplication using alembic for database migrations. For small setups it can run from an sqlite database.


From source:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ export DATABASE_URI=mydatabase.db
$ export SECRET=hunter2
$ export FLASK_APP=pts_central
$ flask db upgrade
$ flask create-user --admin theadministrator
$ flask run
 * Serving Flask app 'pts_central'
 * Debug mode: off
 * Running on

After installation you can log in on the webinterface using the account created in the create-user step with the supplied password. Additional user accounts can be created using the admin panel in the webinterface.

For a production installation use one of the recommended uwsgi application containers instead of flask run