ESP8266 based sensor board for sending measurements to a MQTT server
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#Mosquitto board

This is a Kicad 7 project for the Mosquitto board.


  • Based on the ESP8266 ESP-12F module
  • On-board CP2102 usb-to-serial converter for programming and debugging
  • USB Type-C connector for programming and power
  • On-board SHT30 temperature and humidity sensor
  • Header for a 3 pin screw-terminal for hooking up onewire sensors
  • A pmod-i2c and pmod-spi header for attaching sensor breakout modules
  • On-board battery charger for Li-ion or Li-Po cells (protected cells needed)
  • Deep sleep timer circuitry included
  • ADC pin is hooked up for low-power battery level monitoring
  • Fabrication metadata for Aisler and JLCPCB assembly

Things that need fixing for the next revision:

  • Fix the backfeed diodes between the ESP and the CP2102, these need to be bridged for programming now
  • Add a battery protection chip
  • Include an auto-reset circuit for programming
  • Decouple the heat generated from the usb-serial chip from the on-board temperature sensor better
  • Add a pin header for the serial port
  • Figure out the annoying parts of the cern license

Block diagram