Redesign data QR dialog
Remove repetiton in the QR code message

As noted by ~ferenc, the message for QR code popups translates to
"QR-Code code" which doesn't look nice.
postprocess: Add sigmoidal contrast to imagemagick postprocessing
Update version number to 1.2.0
Fix glib schemas
561c10c6 — Guido G√ľnther 2 years ago
data: Add X-Purism-FormFactor to desktop file

This allows shells like phosh to filter on form factor so
the app list isn't cluttered with applications that don't
fit the screen when not docked.

Reference: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/phosh/-/merge_requests/639
focus now only triggerable once in parallel
free cameras on process exit
keep track of bg tasks for clean up
run most camera control setting in background

makes trigger focus, continuous focus, autogain, gain ctrl, auto
exposure, exposure ctrl run in background to not block the UI thread.

The camera updates the image while this is in progress, so you can for
example see the camera live focus as on common other phones.
Add save-dng setting
Add about dialog
Disable matrices in preview

For some reason it looks work with the matrices, skipped for now
Matrix cleanup
Add debug function to print matrices
Update CI for gtk4
Reverse the matrix and srgb conversion for the preview

The sRGB curve should be applied after the color matrices
b29f04c0 — Sebastian Krzyszkowiak 2 years ago
process_pipeline: Drop unnecessary malloc