sqlite backed syslogd
Bump version to 0.2.2
Support empty RFC5424 fields
Fix overwriting memory on long messages



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#logbookd, the small journald

This is a syslogd implementation that is the answer to the question "what if the busybox developers made journald".

This is a tiny daemon that receives kernel log messages and syslog messages on an unix socket and stores those in an sqlite database for querying. Due to how sqlite works it's possible to run a persistent syslog or an in-memory one (which is the default)

The logbook contains a copy of the full kernel log since boot and gaps are automatically filled when restarting logbookd as long the lost messages are not more than the size of the kernel log ringbuffer.

To read log messages the logread command will query the daemon over another socket and it gives the possibility to see realtime (filtered) log messages.


  • Logs to a sqlite database in-memory or to disk
  • Keeps track of boot_id to query per-boot logs
  • Logs can be queried over an unix domain socket
  • Stores a copy of the kernel log
  • Can be started with socket activation
  • Reduced write mode where the logs are in memory until logbookd is interrupted or receives SIGUSR1