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name: Greek pita bread
author: Martijn Braam <martijn@brixit.nl>
created: 2021-03-21
description: The nice pita bread you get at greek restaurants
cuisine: Greek
course: side
preptime: 20
cooktime: 20
serves: 3
  - id: flour
    label: Flour
    amount: 500
    unit: gram
  - id: wet/water
    label: Lukewarm water
    amount: 360
    unit: gram
  - id: wet/sugar
    label: Sugar
    amount: 1
    unit: teaspoon
  - id: wet/yeast
    label: Dry yeast
    amount: 8
    unit: gram
  - id: salt
    label: Salt
    amount: 1
    unit: tablespoon
  - id: oil
    label: Olive oil

  - id: preperation
    title: Dough
  - id: cooking
    title: Cooking
    depends: [preperation]

  - stage: preperation
    text: Mix the [wet/*] and let it sit for 5 minutes to let the yeast activate
  - stage: preperation
    text: Mix in the [flour] and [salt] and knead. Add extra [flour] until the dough just stops sticking
  - stage: preperation
    text: Coat the ball of dough in [oil] and put it in a bowl to proof. It should double in size
  - stage: preperation
    text: Slap the air out of the dough ball and divide it in 6 smaller dough balls.
  - stage: cooking
    text: Roll out a ball of dough into a circle the size or slightly smaller than your pan
  - stage: cooking
    text: Heat a tablespoon of [oil] into your pan and drop in the dough. Let it cook until it browns and turn it over.
  - stage: cooking
    text: Keep turning over the pita until both sides have nice brown spots on them

  - Using higher quality [oil] makes a lot of taste difference when cooking the bread