Update channel config
Rename pmaports.cfg
Replace title in the README
gitlab: issue template: add EOL date to v22.12
channels.cfg: v23.06 is out now! \o/
main/postmarketos-release-upgrade: upgrade to 1.4.0 (MR 4163)

[ci:skip-build]: already built successfully in CI
d58b8a18 — Sicelo A. Mhlongo 5 months ago
linux-postmarketos-omap: tty and cmdline fixes, upgrade to 6.3.5 (MR 4152)

- make CONFIG_DRM_DISPLAY_CONNECTOR built-in. This resolves 'slow' tty
  initialization that breaks pbsplash on N900
  kernel to boot with u-boot provided parameters such as
- upgrade to 6.3.5

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main/postmarketos-ui-gnome-mobile: remove dep on wallpapers (MR 4156)

[ci:skip-build]: already built successfully in CI
main/postmarketos-ui-gnome: remove dep on wallpapers (MR 4156)
main/postmarketos-base-ui-gnome: update wallaper (MR 4156)

Use wallpapers that give a good contrast to read the labels of
launchers in GNOME Shell on Mobile.

Related: https://fosstodon.org/@tbernard@mastodon.social/110312623463860112
main/postmarketos-artwork: add gnome wallpapers (MR 4156)

Add GNOME specific wallpapers with a good contrast, so lables for
launchers on top of the wallpaper can be read nicely.

Also set myself as maintainer since the original maintainer didn't
change the package since 2018.
0b854b4e — Daniel Fancsali 6 months ago
linux-google-veryron: enable binfmt_misc as kernel module (MR 4115)

This allows the user (upon loading the module) to handle non-native
binaries transparently - after registering the magic number and the
command for handling execution, the programs can be ran as if compiled
for the host architecture. (Similarly how the shebang line allows
the interpreter to be specified for scirpts).

Common use-cases include

* Using qemu user-space emulation to run
  x86 binaries on ARM (or the other way around), or simply running
  64-bit binaries on 32-bit architectures.
* Allow Java programs to be run transparently.
* Creating cross-architecture chroots (for cross-compilation e.g.)
linux-pine64-pinephonepro: enable NFS_FSCACHE (MR 4141)
soc-qcom-sdm845: move PipeWire workaround script to /usr/share (MR 4155)

It's not actually supposed to be overwritten by the user...
device-qemu-amd64: add none kernel subpackage (MR 4148)

Add a dummy subpackage that does not install any kernel. This is useful
for testing 'pmbootstrap install' code quickly without actually
downloading and installing a kernel package.
80ab66cd — Sicelo A. Mhlongo 5 months ago
device-nokia-n900: improve user experience on i3 (MR 4157)

- fix wifi signal quality display, since /proc/net/wireless is no longer
  available in omap kernel
  Suggested-by: DvaMishkiLapa <thesame.personal@gmail.com>

- add `polkit-elogind` so tools like `loginctl poweroff` and `nmtui` do not
  require sudo under i3wm

[ci:skip-build]: already built successfully in CI
modem/msm-modem: increase timeout to 4 (MR 4153)

For a lot of people having the 1 second timeout results in not finding
the sim at all. Let's rather wait up to 4 seconds for the sim to appear,
it was reported that 3 is enough in a report where 1 wasn't.

Related: issue 2072
[ci:skip-build]: already built successfully in CI
soc-qcom-sdm845: fix post upgrade (MR 4154)

The call_audio_idle_suspend_workaround init service was moved to the
-pulseaudio subpackage, but the -modem subpackage still had a
.post-upgrade referring to it. This moves that to the (recently) new
-pulseaudio package

[ci:skip-build]: already built successfully in CI
device-pine64-pinebookpro: resize on initial boot (MR 4149)

[ci:skip-build]: already built successfully in CI