ec370987fd548d346b89a63a400e0a7b1f825e46 — Oliver Smith 8 months ago 68231d9
pmb.flasher: remove outdated comment

After refactoring the patch, it now directly installs the lk2nd package.

Fixes: 68231d93 ("pmb.flasher: Improve flash_lk2nd action")
1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M pmb/flasher/frontend.py
M pmb/flasher/frontend.py => pmb/flasher/frontend.py +0 -1
@@ 137,7 137,6 @@ def flash_lk2nd(args):
    if not lk2nd_pkg:
        raise RuntimeError(f"{device_pkg} does not depend on any lk2nd package")

    # Install device package since that should also install lk2nd package
    suffix = "rootfs_" + args.device
    pmb.chroot.apk.install(args, [lk2nd_pkg], suffix)