remove unused vis_message_hide() function

the message window gets closed like a normal window and nothing calls
this function. In fact, it wasn't even used when it was added 8 years
ago in 979ab79.
fix use after free in cmd_files()

When the cmd closes the window the window pointer gets freed along the
way. We can't use win->next to update the loop variable if sam_execute()
has been called. Instead we can store win->next early and use that
variable to continue the loop.

fixes #1090
814cda01 — Nick Hanley 6 months ago
vis-clipboard: make xsel honor --selection
ci: fix authentication by using GITHUB_TOKEN
ef41f2db — Andrey Proskurin 8 months ago
Fix luadoc to use ~= for status
86d6e2ac — Felix Van der Jeugt 5 days ago
update test submodule
vis.1: list equivalent key bindings on the same line

it is hard to tell which line <C-u> and <C-d> are supposed to belong to
in the current version.

see #1033
ci: remove deprecated ubuntu-18.04 and switch to ubuntu-latest

ubuntu-latest is supposed to track the newest supported ubuntu release
which as of now is 22.04.

18.04 has been deprecated for a while and seems like it has finally
been removed:

4abaeac7 — Christian Hesse 19 days ago
build: update alpine in docker build to version 3.18

Just a version bump, no changes required.
ab23e5f5 — Quentin Rameau 2 months ago
vis-complete: Fix commandline options handling
364d2129 — Jeremy Bobbin 2 months ago
check for EOF before unsetting row, col & line cache in view_coord_get

This commit fixes c22b2c2, which introduced a bug when the EOF was
in view.
c9737a7d — Christian Hesse 6 months ago
build: update alpine in docker build to version 3.17

This requires one extra package, as static liblzma (liblzma.a) was
moved to xz-static.
fc79518d — Nick Hanley 6 months ago
vis: remove unused Arg union member

This was missed when pairwise selection combinators were removed in
don't set _FORTIFY_SOURCE in configure

distributions that want this flag set do so on a system wide level. for
example Gentoo, Fedora, Debian, and OpenSUSE.

since vis sets it when invoking cc via make it overwrites the system
setting (and pollutes the output with redefinition warnings).

For reference here is the related bug in Gentoo:
c22b2c29 — Jeremy Bobbin 3 months ago
fix bug where visual-line selections after view were considered visible

prior to this patch, if you had a visual-line selection after the view,
and try to move it(& all other selections) up into the buffer, the
selection would appear prematurely.

d4eeba39 — Jeremy Bobbin 3 months ago
implement Selection:remove()
lua: Make luacheck happy
7e88dffd — Felix Van der Jeugt 3 months ago
update changelog
vis-open: further improvement & clean-up
Do tilde expansion only for the tilde character at the beginning of the pattern.