filetype: Set "groovy" for Jenkinsfile
ci: verify coverity scan script before using it
ci: verify codecov script before using it
cbd23b9c — striker.sh 6 months ago
vis: Add readline Ctrl+A/E bindings
add lua5.4 in configure script
vis: correctly close pipe connected to stdin of external process

Once we have written all data we should properly close the (correct)
pipe. Before we wrongly closed the pipe connected to the standard output

More generally, we currently do not listen for child process termination,
but instead wait until all the connected pipes are closed. This might
be problematic in case the external process keeps hold of the standard
I/O file descriptors. One particular example of this is wl-copy(1).

See #929
sam: simplify trailing match handling for x/y commands

Should be no functional change, just a simpler implementation.
sam: tweak handling of zero length matches in y commands

In sam(1) a command like x/[a-z]+/ y/-?/ matches every character
individually, whereas in vis it would produce a zero length match before
each character as is correctly the case for the x counter part.
gitignore: remove vim specific swap files

These were from the time before vis was self-hosting.
sam: produce empty match at the end of looped range

In certain cases (e.g. involving negated character classes) the last
empty match of an x command would wrongly be skipped.

See #925
sam: only skip the last empty match if it follows a newline

This further tweaks the hack introduced to ignore the last match of ^
at the end of the file, see 1a158268c7693b00bf43c7e81034816d8d00358c.
7b6c70ec — Christian Hesse 8 months ago
build: update alpine in docker build to version 3.13
Merge branch 'patch-1' of https://github.com/dallinjdahl/vis
f1cefbd9 — dallinjdahl 8 months ago
Adding .sv extension to verilog syntax highlighter
a1733f2a — parazyd 9 months ago
filetype: Detect make shebang for "makefile".

This is useful when writing "debian/rules" files in packages.
334fed9d — parazyd 9 months ago
filetype: Set "bash" for APKBUILD and .ebuild.
lexers/git-rebase: also highlight break command
lexers/strace: improve comments, field names and syscall results
Mention pkg-config in README

Fix #867