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 - show/hide child windows upon tag switch, in theory this should already
   work but in practice we need to tweak ismanageable() so that it
   recognises child windows but doesn't generate false positives.
 - fullscreen windows, mstsc for example doesn't resize properly when
 - Screensaver?
 - system dialogs from desktop window
 - urgent flag?
 - window border isn't yet perfect
 - status text via stdin or a separate tool
 - crash handler which makes all windows visible restores borders etc
 - use BeginDeferWindowPos, DeferWindowPos and EndDeferWindowPos
 - optimize for speed
 - code cleanups all over the place
 - multi head support?

 [ - introduce a CBTProc function and register it with
     SetWindowsHookEx(WH_CBT, ...) to handle window events instead of the
     current mechanism in WndProc which is based on the shellhookid and 
     WH_SHELL because this only works for toplevel windows. See also the
     "How it works" section. ]