Remove Travis CI configuration
7c8c7201 — Dmitry Bogatov 2 years ago
Configure Sourcehut continous integration
2b5dfbf4 — Dmitry Bogatov 2 years ago
vt_forkpty: check for success of chdir(2)
2f565f26 — Ross Mohn 7 years ago
Display control keys, when typed, next to Layout icon

Close #28
Merge branch 'fix/copy-mode-cwd' of https://github.com/3dc1d3/dvtm
a7bbe62e — Semyon Maryasin 5 years ago
Fix minor memory leak in command line parsing

realpath(..., NULL) allocates buffer of size MAX_PATH bytes.
Then, setenv() copies the string it got (unlike putenv()).
So we should free this string, or else it is leaked.

Close #76
02af8920 — Gennadiy Volkov 3 years ago
copymode: Set cwd so paths make sense in editor
Don't ignore SIGPIPE in children
be6c3f8f — Ben Davenport-Ray 5 years ago
When updating the title, mark the window as dirty

This was tested with Kakoune, which reliably was able to dirty the buffer
whenever I press the right arrow key. (Go figure.)

This should fix #80 and #53; possibly #61 and #20.
311a8c0c — shuall 5 years ago
use typed var

since short is what is used for storing color pairs, calling pair_content
with anything else should be undefined behaviour,
thus, only initializing up to color_pairs_max should be acceptable

I think this makes a little more sense then using the defined constants
2344962e — shuall 5 years ago
93c527b0 — shuall 5 years ago
COLORS_MAX is bigger than max short

this is causing dvtm to hang on startup
Make ./testsuite.sh work at least on my system

This is all a bit fragile.
Fix get_client_by_coord workspace bounds

This allows to select minimized clients either by mouse or through
spatial navigation.
Add spatial navigation via MOD+{H,J,K,L}

Based on an initial patch by David Zmick.
Improve handling of Alt + Special key

Trying to treat curses symbolic key (KEY_*) constants normal chars is obviously
nonsense. In general the input handling code is a bit of a mess and needs to be
overhauled at some point.

This should fix Alt+Backspace handling.

Close #36
Slightly tweak manual pages